Our feeling, our philosophy.

What we mean is not just about a brand, a dress or a fashion. Behind there is much more.


There are values ​​that today are set aside, forgotten and almost avoided. We would like that, for many, they are no longer. We talk about sincere friendship, deep love, respect, loyalty and much more. ELITARIO has this feeling at its base.


Feelings and values ​​far removed from the current standard. We speak of those attitudes that we have been imbued with since childhood but that the world we live in does not give us a way to express but inhibits us, makes us feel out of place.


This is the soul of ELITARIO, put on the side of the "particularities": of those boys and girls who can understand and still appreciate the value of words, of gestures.

We are not talking about people who are necessarily excluded because they are different, but simply people who have knowledge of what is really happening to our society and to our lives.


So this is our "élite". That small, large group of people, often closed and restricted, that gives value to gestures and words that all others consider stupid, discounted or not considered.

Our aim is to be able to transmit them with the greatest possible simplicity: with a short sentence of few words or with a significant image, even of everyday-life.


Our design is minimal style, based on classic colors like white and black.

We have moved away from this fee only for our new 2019 summer collection, adding colors to our repertoire.


In any case, despite this addition, the "classy style" imposed from the beginning remains to have our "elegant streetwear brand" as the final result.