Our first winter collection.


It consists of two models:

both basic have a black sweatshirt, unique color, with hood and front pocket.

The first model is a sweatshirt with the ELITARIO logo printed on the heart side and a design on the back of the sweatshirt.

It represents a woman in a champagne glass, a very characteristic subject of the brand, for its meaning.


It is the perfect union between harmony, represented by the woman, and "chaos", represented by the cup of champagne in which she lies.

We wanted to combine the two subjects, not something new for the entertainment world, in order to convey the message of how we can manage to live in both modes while maintaining our own balance.

The second model is a LIMITED EDITION.

The base of the sweatshirt is the same as the previous model, with a different design.


We wanted to create a sweatshirt that could represent the brand as much as possible.

Characterizing is the ELITARIO inscription, placed in front of the chest in the center.

To increase the quality of the product as much as possible, we wanted to make the writing using the embroidery technique.


This is the only design element on the garment.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to make it "emblematic": it represents such elegance despite its great simplicity, thanks to the quality and design of the product itself.

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