This line was created with the intention of giving a different imprint to the collection.


Characteristic, in fact, is the cut of the t-shirt that we immediately see different: oversize with slightly lower shoulders and longer sleeves than our classic shirts. The garment is made from 100% cotton, available in two colors: black, white.


The two models of the new collection are: "3Dimension tee" and the "Reflect tee".


The design of this new collection is certainly new and certainly overwhelming.

Apparently simple, the graphics have a very deep intrinsic meaning that says so much about

the brand.

We recall, in fact, through this, the concept of the "three dimensions" (length, width and depth), trivially represented by the ELITARIO written in 3D and by the design of the traditional 3D glasses, on the back of the garment.


We suggest, in a nutshell, with this graphic, to increase one's awareness of the world in which one lives, not neglecting anything, paying attention to all the possible "dimensions" of things.


Soon a more detailed and fascinating analysis will be available about the meaning, here on our site.


This Special Edition is aimed at changing the conception of our logo, revisiting the graphics.

It is characterized, in fact, by the presence of our normal logo on the heart side and below this, its reflection, from which the t-shirt takes its name.


Looking at the shirt from another angle, it is not difficult to see a writing on the right side, in the back.

We wanted to add this new detail: the writing consists in the description of the product itself, underlining its peculiarity.


The text reports:


Special Reflect Edition tee.

Collection fw 2019.

Rome, Italy. "

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